Backstage Reality and The Flawed Hero

I learned as child that the theater was a mysterious and beautiful place. The dancers on the stage could leap through the air and land in perfect time with the music. My heart would soar as the performers took me on a journey through a land of make-believe. Yes, make-believe. Watching performances helped me to understand that performers are also simply people who are very good at what they do. Once the lights came up, they were basically just like you and I. Dancers/performers backstage can be nervous, irritable, neurotic even shy. When observing a true performer under the stage lights, you will never see these very “human” qualities unless they want you to see them.

Politicians and celebrities are no different. They may be eloquent, brilliant and well-read, but fame places human beings in an inescapable spotlight that requires a heroic persona at all times. So they “perform” for us during press conferences, movie releases, meet and greets and all the rest. My personal hero is not of this world and thus, I expect perfection. We humans are horribly and beautifully flawed. Christ knew this. Let us stop raising up our flawed humanity into a realm where it does not belong. Movies and television screens can edit out the imperfections. Theater can rehearse a cast of actors or dancers until perfection seems to be attained, but in real life, we must face the harsh reality that we are undeniably flawed.

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2 Responses to Backstage Reality and The Flawed Hero

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  2. Doc Halloween says:

    We people put these celebrities on an undeserved pedestal.

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