Artist meets Business…disaster or opportunity

Every once in a while someone on the “artistic” side of things decides to start a business. Nothing wrong with that. The problems begin when the given “artist” believes that whatever they are trying to pitch, sing, write,mold, draw, paint or choreograph will move the population-at-large so deeply that no business, marketing or people skills are required. That would be a mistake.

I started praise dance classes based on a passionate drive in my spirit that I could no longer ignore, but people cannot see my “spirit” or my “passion” upon first meeting or speaking with me. Do I still believe in my dream? Definitely, yet I am painfully aware that starting a business requires more that a passion for my given art. There are a few steps an entrepreneur must follow:

1. Brush up on your business acumen. Go to the library and read anything regarding business especially as it pertains to your field.
2. Seek out the opinion of friends and/or acquaintances who have a strong business background. Use social networking as a tool (an economic marketing plan).
3. Create a business plan.
4. Be aware that your business may be in the “red” for several months if not years.
5. Seek out investors/contributors. Consider fundraising events as well.
6. Get used to hearing the word “NO”.
7. Get used to hearing “I’ll get back to you.”
8. Get used to spending your own personal time and money.
9. Realize that even though your passion will not always sustain your business, it will fuel your desire to continue.
10. Finally, pray. So many small businesses fail within the first five years and it is not always due to a lack of talent. It is often due to a lack of resources (either time or money).

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3 Responses to Artist meets Business…disaster or opportunity

  1. Ram Fan - Go VCU! says:

    Very good post, and oh so relevant. I started a business, not a dance one, but I can honestly say that it took about 5 years to begin generating consistent revenues. Hang in there, Kainos as a brand will someday be synonymous with praise dance!

  2. Jenae says:

    Quality information, nice blog template, maintain the great work

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