I am an onion…aren’t you?

Do you ever feel like you do not fit the mold? Welcome to the human race.  It seems my “odd” mix of Christian, psychology instructor, dancer, mother of kids with autism, African-American/Afro-Latina, avid reader and woman do not always fit within the box. I am not as far out there as let’s say some “eccentric” celebrities, but I do seem to confuse “normal” people at times.  Are we meant to fit into only one box? Who said so? I am an onion. When I read news about Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, New York City Ballet, Lines Ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov, or dance news period, I devour it with my eyes. The same goes for my center in Christ. Scripture is my foundation, and I take it into my heart daily. Aren’t we all onions? The outer layer cannot possibly define one human experience. In the end, we must all decide who or what defines us. Be you.

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One Response to I am an onion…aren’t you?

  1. Ram Fan - Go VCU! says:

    Interesting perspective on onions. However, I agree that we should not be judged by our looks. Martin Luther King, Jr said it best when he said we should be judged by the content of our character, and not the color of our skin. Keep up the blogging, and when dies your fall session begin? Are there any plans for a summer session?

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